just a bit fantastic

I started Geekiana as an outlet for my geeky passions. I knitted myself a TARDIS hat and sonic screwdriver scarf one winter. Happy and warm in those things, I spread the love to my daughter by decorating a special sleeping bag for her Christmas present. Despairing of a good way to place the words "Police Public Call Box" on it, I cast around the screen printing shop. My eyes landed on the heat press and I had an idea. I got custom-cut vinyl lettering (the same kind you use on sports jerseys!) and pressed it onto a black strip of fabric I had stitched to the blue sleeping bag. 

After looking at the lettering a while, I realized I also knew where I could get the prettiest, the softest, the bluest blue hooded sweatshirts in the whole First Great and Bountiful Human Empire... Once again I fired up the heat press and the Police Box Hoodie hooded sweatshirt was born, a stylish offspring of fan art + fashion parody. 

This liberating experience opened the floodgates of designs: I make things that are both referential and Reverential. But I try hard to avoid being "on the nose." As a woman who likes beautiful and stylish things, I also felt it was important to emphasize a feminine look and feel in almost everything I make. I want to express the subtlety, variety and flexibility of geeky things. I make items that are beautiful art, and ones that reward the attention of people who will appreciate being "in on the joke."


Contact: geekiana@geekiana.com