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Witness Me Ladies Hoodie

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So shiny, so chrome, these hoodies are probably not ideal for a post-apocalyptic desert landscape.

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Additional Info

These zip-front hooded sweat shirts are black and super soft! They are the perfect weight, not too heavy, not too light. The fabric content is 60/40 cotton and polyester. I decorate them with shiny silver vinyl lettering. I know it's so shiny and so chrome, but these can actually be washed and dried without special treatment! (Or treat it special. Whatever you want. It is a thing though, not a person.)

These hoodies are made-to-order and can take 3-5 days for me to complete. If you do not tell me what size you prefer when ordering it WILL take longer. 

WOMEN'S JUNIOR FITTED Small, Medium, Large, XL and 2XL available. In the ladies style the hood drawstring is black. In the unisex style the hood drawstring is white.

Measurements in inches for Chest Width/ Body Length (Shoulder to hem):

Chest Width S:19 M: 20 L: 21 XL: 22 2XL: 23
Body Length S: 25 M: 26 L: 27 XL: 28 2XL: 29

Sleeve Length (from center of your neck to the end of the sleeve ) 
S: 32.25 M: 33.25 L: 34.25 XL: 35.25 2XL: 36.25

For sizing I recommend that you take a shirt you have, lay it out flat and measure across the chest and from shoulder to hem to find the size you need.


Disclaimer: This item is not made by, endorsed by, or in any way affiliated with any individual or organization that has created other works of fiction or fashion. This is an original, hand-printed work of fashion fandom inspired by and parodying works which are owned by their respective creators. Drawings and decoration are original work by the artist, and Geekiana LLC makes no claim to officially represent any other creator or owner.