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Inverted Doctors Jersey Scarf

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Nine, Ten and Eleven appear with their favorite tin dog in a reinterpretation of a piece of famous art.

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Additional Info

Inspired by the artwork of Joan Miro, this design shows three of my favorite time traveling, two-hearted aliens, their big blue box, and their robot dog.

The original inspiration is Miro's 1949 painting "Inverted Personages," also called "Figures and Dog in front of the Sun." If you would like to see it, visit wikipaintings.

The whimsical spirits of both Miro and The Doctor speak to me, as do the dramatic contrasts in the painting and the character's story. This design tries to capture the energy and vitality of the characters.

These jersey scarves  measure 65" x 22" and have a finished edge.  They were designed and printed by me in my little shop.

I like a little shop.

As shown in the photos, designs are printed on only one end of the scarf. Because each item is printed by hand, there may be slight variations in design placement on the item pictured in the listing. For greater visibility while wearing, most designs are not placed in the center of the scarf.

Fantastic! Allons-y! Geronimo!