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Damask V-Neck LadiesTee

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This lightweight v-neck tee is ideal for the fashionable feminine geek. 

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As that amazing blue box continues to leave its mark on Earth history, this design revels in the lush flourishes and intricate beauty of the Edwardian age. Perfect to wear for solving a mystery, or hosting tea with Noddy! 

Well. Noddy's not real. But you could wear it to weekend cocktails at a lordly country estate!

This lightweight v-neck tee is ideal for the fashionable feminine geek. These shirts are as soft as can be and  sized in the "misses" style--meaning they still have a shapely cut but are also built for a grown-up's body. Printed both on the front and at the back of the shoulder in Navy Blue ink, they were designed and printed by me in my little shop. 

I like a little shop.

The measurements in this listing are of the shirt when laid out flat, with women's sizes and bust measurements included. For best fit, find one of your favorite shirts, lay it out, and measure across the chest and from shoulder to hem. 

XS 17/26"
(women’s size 0-2, Bust 32-34) 

S 18/26.5"
(women’s size 4-6, Bust 35-36) 

M 19/27"
(women’s size 8-10, Bust 37-38)

L 20.5/27.5"    
(women’s size 12-14, Bust 39-41)

XL 22/28"
(women’s size 16-18, Bust 42-44)

2X 24/28.5"
(women’s size 20-22, Bust 45-47)

3X 26/29"
(women’s size 22-24, Bust 48-50)

4X 28/29"
(women’s size 24-26, Bust 51-53)


Don't own one yet? I command it to be otherwise! Pip pip!