36: Free the Expo 67!

Leann and Jon talk about her ongoing love of books, now entering its 39th year. The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson is discussed, along with architecture, murder, murder architecture, and Ferris wheels. We have a look at each other's first exposure to art. 


Music  - These Five Senses by Lyn Faber. Creative Commons licensed on soundcloud.com at http://soundcloud.com/lyn-faber

33: Salesman in Paradise

We're still talkin about British TV, but this time it's not a genre show, or a highfalutin soap opera, or a genre soap opera. We also geek out about Ghostbusters news, and take a look back at theworst of Mario Kart. There's also some title-mashery that reaffirms the value of our theater degrees. Get your geek on with the latest Geekiana Podcast!


29: Extra Lives

Jon FINALLY got thru Ready Player One, so we go deep into it. Then we hit a bunch of other science fiction stories. The Matrix, Johnny Mnemonic, old and new games, all make appearances. We also pull from the hat and talk Harry Potter. It's a big time potluck on The Geekiana Podcast!

28: Books and That

Leann is geeking out about Upstairs Downton or whatever those two shows are called. Jon drones on about Breaking Bad and The Wire (again). There's talk about costuming and hairstyles, the Bad News segment is chockablock with Extinction, Russia, Woody Allen,  and Harold Ramis. But we also talk good news with our neighborhood's new bookstore! then The Inspector Chronicles, Harry Potter, Leann drops some seriously recondite litcrit knowledge, and more! 

Interstitial music is Moluscopia DUB by AlienAqtor, creative commons licensed and available on soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/alienaqtor/moluscopia-dub

27: Bringing Up Geeky

Geekiana returns with a flurry of activity! This week we talk raising kids in geeky conditions, with Joss Whedon's Firefly as our case study. We also get into names-that-never-were as we discuss The Princess Bride. Live shows are planned and plugged.

Quite on the set, it's the Geekiana Podcast!

Music this week includes "Face the Sun" by Cloudjumper, "The Name of the Wind" from Concipator, by eyupstep, Creative Commons licensed and available on SoundCloud.com. Additional music by Burn Unit, and Sensor Re:Engine

26: Midnight at the Crixa

Another episode of the Geekiana podcast finds us talking Watership Down, Louie CK, geeking out about D&D with kids, and prepping for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary celebration. We also go into some detail on what makes a good craft show, and memorialize that most beloved ofJeopardy's inane categories. What are you waiting for? Have you gone all tharn? Join us for some flayrah fu inle' on the Geekiana podcast! 

25: We Happy Few

Season Two rolls on with geeking out about John Scalzi, Downton and apparently the whole catalog of BBC television, and laughing with the most dangerously unpredictable and foul-mouthed Scotsman to travel in the TARDIS since Jamie McCrimmon. 

We also talk about funny things we like, and get into each of our worst times with David Weber's Honorverse. Just when you were thinking it's about time we got some properly hardcore military SF on a damn podcast, GEEKIANA DELIVERS

Music by: Burn Unit, Sensor Re:Engine, and the West Point Cadet Glee Club

23: No Whine Before It's Time

We post this episode after a long break—we recorded it over two months before posting! Leann and Jon geek out over Top Gear, civic matters, Doctor Who, The Onion, and bemoan the loss of a punter. Yes, really. Leann talks football.  Please pardon the delay, we were …uh…aging it. It’s the Geekiana podcast!!

Music this episode by: Burn Unit, royalty free, and Cali McMorrow

22: Live with Travis Richey

Yes, for real, Geekiana’s first live podcast is presented with none other than the Eleventh Inspector! Our first live edition recorded at CONvergence 2013, and features the creator and star of Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time. Travis Richey—whom you may recognize from NBC’s Community—geeks out with us about season two of his show, the wonders of fandom in the internet age, Shakespeare, and more. Get ON IT!

21: The Worst is Not Enough

Leann and Jon saddle up to talk a little Sherlock, the fate of Futurama and the duality of Man (One of those topics is not covered. Guess which one. Unless you count modern professional sports management as a commentary on the duality of man, which Jon does so that topic IS covered, if obliquely.)

We discover that even geeks are not immune to loving a sportsball player, nor to teen pop earworms; and share the story of the worst time we saw Casino Royale (when a movie is that good, the worst is simply not that bad). And of course we round up current Doctor Who—which, exactly like Bond to Moneypenny, is suddenly rife with potential HR incidents!

It’s the Geekiana Podcast, so get up on it geeks!
Episode music by: Danger Hotrod, Burn Unit

20: Seasons of Twooo-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-oooh

It’s the return of the Geekiana Podcast! With a slightly revamped format, Leann returns to talk the Geekly Weekly, Bad News Updates, our regular check in on Doctor Who, and more with trusty manservant Jon. We also play “First Time, Last Time, Best Time, Worst Time” featuring Neil Gaiman, and have a quick roundup on what’s new in the etsy shop. They’re BAAAACK

Episode music by: Caly McMorrow, and royalty free selections 

19: Everybody Loves the Company Man

This episode was recorded right before the season premier of Doctor Who, so you know the TV talk is light as we turn our attention to the turning of pages. The Geekiana Podcast hits the local library with volcanic fury this week. We talk about books: Kage Baker, Ernest Cline, Neal Stephenson, and William Gibson all make appearances this week. Plus visit a local butcher shop!

Nah, we just talk some more books. Get in the middle of it!

18: Fricken Lazer Beams

Join Leann and Jon as they celebrate another year of wedded bliss together and parent the living hell out of their kids: both feats accomplished with the power of lasers. First we drop some serious coin into beloved Minneapolis institution Rusty Quarters arcade, honoring our love by fending off aliens and hordes of ghosts. Then we guide our children in the ways of fair play and prepare them for their dystopian future. The 2029 battle of Tannhauser Gate will be won on the Lazer Tag fields of Coon Rapids. Come invest in a better tomorrow with another episode of The Geekiana Podcast!

Music by Caly McMorrow

Just Enough Ado

It’s another episode of makin’ (a)do with what we got (which is proudly next to nothing, natch). Leann walks us through the capers and surprises of her dreamscape (and Jon pulls us through the gutter of his). We have a little family reunion, talk Richard Ayoade, poke fun of giant chicken huts,  answer listener mail, and talk a little theater. Actually it’s a pretty good sized chunk about theater. It’s an above average week with the Geekiana Podcast. Get into it!

Music this week from Burn Unit 

16: Nananananananana MANBAT!

Torchwood! The Wire! snake handling! and the history of the rise and fall of serum-powered supervillains. It’s a feast at the Queen Avenue Studios as Leann and Jon geek out over The Dark Knight Rises. We stab it with our steely knives but we just can’t kill the (KG)Beast. Won’t you join us?

Music this week from:

Danger Hotrod,

and The Sensor Re:Engine

15: I Can Feel the Heat Closing In

It’s summer time at the Queen Avenue Studios and we are hot hot hot. After a successful—if brutal—outdoor show, Leann and Jon sweat it out by Breaking a little Bad, geeking out on the exploits of Jesse, Walter, and the Proceedings of the Greater Albuquerque Association of Methamphetamine Manufacturers. We discuss the deleterious effects of meth on fictional characters, and the deleterious effects of heat on the manners of craft show attendees. There’s an illuminating segment on the age-appropriateness of contemporary movies for children. And we dip into the library for another Book Talk, including a preview of the exploits of Leann’s book club, wherein we find a connection between the non-fiction of Ruth Reichl and the urban fantasy of Jim Butcher. It’s a tasty geek smorgasbord (or geekasbord if you must. and you must.) so get your ears filled up on the Geekiana Podcast!  

Music this week by the wonderful Caly McMorrow!

14: Billions and Billions

aaaaand we’re BACK. Leann and Jon return for some fun with intros, a CONvergence roundup, and snuggling. Jon shows he’s a weenie about keychains. We geek out about Pixar for a bit and Leann has good stories about how much money she’s seen in one place (hint: it is All The Money). Since we lost episode 11, it’s a special super-sized edition of The Geekiana Podcast. Let’s GO!