15: I Can Feel the Heat Closing In

It’s summer time at the Queen Avenue Studios and we are hot hot hot. After a successful—if brutal—outdoor show, Leann and Jon sweat it out by Breaking a little Bad, geeking out on the exploits of Jesse, Walter, and the Proceedings of the Greater Albuquerque Association of Methamphetamine Manufacturers. We discuss the deleterious effects of meth on fictional characters, and the deleterious effects of heat on the manners of craft show attendees. There’s an illuminating segment on the age-appropriateness of contemporary movies for children. And we dip into the library for another Book Talk, including a preview of the exploits of Leann’s book club, wherein we find a connection between the non-fiction of Ruth Reichl and the urban fantasy of Jim Butcher. It’s a tasty geek smorgasbord (or geekasbord if you must. and you must.) so get your ears filled up on the Geekiana Podcast!  

Music this week by the wonderful Caly McMorrow!