21: The Worst is Not Enough

Leann and Jon saddle up to talk a little Sherlock, the fate of Futurama and the duality of Man (One of those topics is not covered. Guess which one. Unless you count modern professional sports management as a commentary on the duality of man, which Jon does so that topic IS covered, if obliquely.)

We discover that even geeks are not immune to loving a sportsball player, nor to teen pop earworms; and share the story of the worst time we saw Casino Royale (when a movie is that good, the worst is simply not that bad). And of course we round up current Doctor Who—which, exactly like Bond to Moneypenny, is suddenly rife with potential HR incidents!

It’s the Geekiana Podcast, so get up on it geeks!
Episode music by: Danger Hotrod, Burn Unit